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More Changes with Accreditation in Michigan

On Wednesday, September 15th, Middle Cities Task Force members heard from Vanessa Keesler, MDE’s Manager of Evaluation Research and Accountability, who described the proposed accreditation system, MI-SAAS, which is to replace EdYes!. Below, please find the latest written information MDE has provided, a memo dated July 26th

During her presentation, however, Ms. Keesler described changes that have been made since the July 26th memo. Among these, a building would lose accredited status if it misses any of 9 factors, while the memo only listed 8 factors (see page 6 of memo). We are working with Ms. Keesler for clarification on this change.  

In addition, the presentation on Wednesday also described that schools that were included in the lowest 20% of a new top-to-bottom list would have reduced accreditation status. This new top-to-bottom list would include a school’s data in 5 subject areas (Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science). This top-to-bottom status would be in addition to a school’s status on the SRRO (Persistently Lowest Achieving) list. Please see the MI-SAAS Accreditation Results attachment, which Ms. Keelser provided, for more information.

It is important to note that MDE is planning to implement MI-SAAS this year and will require various data points from schools. Special attention and care should be given while reporting graduation rates to CEPI and the tested roster type data with MEAP. That said, Middle Cities will continue to work with MDE and the education committees in the legislature (who must approve MI-SAAS) to ensure that our concerns with this new accreditation system are addressed.

Ms. Keesler is unable to share her Power Point presentation she used on Wednesday, so we cannot include it below. However, following are the "Nine Questions" referred to in her presentation.

Compliance with State Policy
Nine Requirements that have Yes/No Answer:
    • 100% teachers hold MI Certification?
    • School Improvement Plans published?
    • Required Curricula offered?

      1. GLCE's K-8
      2. HSCE's 9-12 through Michigan Merit Curriculum
    • Annual Report published?
    • School Improvement Indicators submitted and SIP published?
    • Literacy and Math tested annually in Grades 1-5 (Must use a nationally norm-referenced test)?
    • HS 6-year grad rate above 80%?
    • Participate in NAEP when asked?
    • 95% tested in all subjects?

      If you answer NO to any factor for two years in a row, accreditation lowered one level even if the NO is for a different question each year.


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